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You've found this page most likely because your body is experiencing some level of discomfort. Whether you seek maintenance for your lifestyle or occupation, are recovering from an injury or surgical procedure, want to improve your sleep quality or reduce stress in general, massage can be a delightful way to maximize your success.    


Massage is a team effort between client and therapist. Should both parties choose to accept the challenge, this practitioner's goal is to communicate with your nervous system and encourage conditions which create desired improvements. Focusing on your mental, physical and emotional state will optimize the session's benefit. Connecting with areas of tension and breathing relaxation into them will help facilitate my actions targeted toward lengthening shortened soft tissue and relaxing tension-holding patterns. The perfect balance of soothing sound, relaxing smells, warm light levels, comforting temperature, appropriate techniques, perfect pressure intensity in the right places for the right amount of time, and focused discussion helps us both stay present with these goals.

Modalities I utilize depend upon the session, the client, the body part, and include:       

  •  Swedish:  Utilizes light, medium or deep pressure to target layers of soft tissue, from superficial to deep
  •  Myofascial release:  Optimize the body's soft tissue structural system
  • Trigger point therapy:  Promotes integrity of balance between muscle groups
  •  Lymphatic massage:  Soothes and enhances the body's natural healing process

Beginning with the first session, I am continually gathering clues from your body's tissues. This information is used to interpret patterns established over a timeline. Movement experiments are made every time you try something new, starting from infancy. Successful experiments become gestures. Through repetition, learned gestures become habits. Movement performed habitually creates patterns. Perfectly-executed patterns promote balance and alignment. Executed imperfectly, patterns promote dysfunction. Compensation accommodates these imbalances. Compounded compensations manifest as symptoms of a problem. Enough problematic symptoms eventually compel a person to seek help. Whether you harness massage as a stand-alone intervention or utilize it as part of a tandem approach, I encourage you to seek a plan customized specifically to best support your individual process.      


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